1. Blood turbidometry is recommended as a screening technic for distinguishing between anemic and nonanemic individuals.

2. Blood turbidometry must be supplemented by other technics for an exact diagnosis of the type of anemia. However, with such help it makes its own contribution to the accuracy of the diagnosis.

3. Blood turbidometry alone would seem to be capable of following an anemic individual’s response to therapy once the proper diagnosis is established.

4. Determination of hemoglobin concentration by turbidometry appears as a distinct possibility. However, further investigation is necessary to validate its utility.

5. Evidence is accumulated that the shadow-volume relationship is a constant in several species.

The author is particularly indebted to the following for advice in connection with this work: Dr. Peter Olafson of the Department of Veterinary Pathology, Dr. C. E. Hayden of the Department of Veterinary Physiology, Dr. L. I. Barnes of the Department of Physics, and Dr. W. B. Carver of the Department of Mathematics, all of Cornell University, and Dr. Charles P. Winsor of Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Robert N. Ericson conducted some preliminary explorations of the problem with the author when both were connected with Kansas State College.

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