1. Using a methyl alcohol fractionation technic, the albumin, globulin, and total protein levels were determined in a series of normal adults and compared with cases of myelogenous and lymphocytic leukemias and Hodgkin’s disease.

2. Statistically significant decreases in albumin and increases in globulin were found in the cases of Hodgkin’s disease and myelogenous leukemia, but without significant changes in total protein. Globulin levels above the highest normal value were found in 23 per cent of the former and 33 per cent of the latter group.

3. No apparent relationship was noted between the levels of the serum protein fractions and (1) the hemoglobin level, (2) the erythrocyte count, (3) the peripheral white blood cell picture, and (4) the bone marrow smears.

The authors wish to express their appreciation to Professor Ovid O. Meyer, Department of Medicine, for making available the clinical material in this study and for valuable suggestions. The authors are also indebted to Professor J. A. E. Eyster, Department of Physiology, for suggestions as to statistical treatment of the data.

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