Seventy W.-H. Swiss line mice were injected with adjuvant, TAB vaccine and TAB vaccine plus adjuvant. The 61 mice which survived form the subject of this study.

Spleen smears and histologic sections taken after completing immunization revealed a marked deposition of amyloid in 48 of the animals. Varying degrees of plasma cell hyperplasia were observed in 46 animals, and increased granulopoiesis in 37. In 28 of the amyloid-bearing animals some of the plasma cells were transformed into "flame cells" which stained faintly positively with PAS and metachromatically with methyl violet.

Electrophoresis of the pooled sera of animals receiving adjuvant alone, TAB plus adjuvant or TAB alone, compared to normal controls, showed decrease in albumine and an increase in the globulin fraction. Animals receiving adjuvant alone showed an increase in the beta globulins, while animals receiving TAB plus adjuvant or TAB alone showed an increase in the gamma globulins.

The relationship between the production of amyloid, plasma cell hyperplasia and the appearance of "flame cells" is discussed.

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