The authors studied the influence of a six hour infusion of 25 I.U. of ACTH on the contractility and motility of leukocytes and on the absolute number of neutrophils in 10 convalescent patients.

The findings were as follows:

1. A significant increase occurred in leukocyte motility after the ACTH infusion, together with an increase in contractility.

2. The authors assume that leukocytosis following ACTH is due to an increase in the contractility of neutrophil leukocytes.

3. In view of the differences in the bone marrow reserve of mature neutrophils, it is impossible to demonstrate a direct correlation between the increase in motility, contractility and the absolute number of neutrophils.

4. An indirect estimate of the bone marrow granulocyte reserve can be made from the absolute number of neutrophils and the degree of leukocyte motility.

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