We have demonstrated three distinct patterns of altered hemopoietic recovery in irradiated mice:

1. That seen in mice given isologous hemopoietic cells, in which granulocytes, lymphocytes, hemoglobin and platelets all showed an early recovery The time required for granulocyte and lymphocyte recovery was relatively unaffected by the amount of radiation to which the host was exposed (LD1-99). The time between injection and recovery was also relatively constant.

2. That seen in mice given rat bone marrow, in which only granulocytes and hemoglobin showed an early increase in concentration, with lymphocytes and platelets recovering near the control times.

3. That seen in mice given endotoxin or colchicine prior to irradiation in which the lymphocyte recovery was variable while the granulocytes, hemoglobin and platelets compared favorably with mice given isologous bone marrow.

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