Background: Cardiovascular (CV) toxicity is a known toxicity of tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI) used for chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). Imatinib, dasatinib, nilotinib and bosutinib are all approved for first line treatment for CML. We did a retrospective analysis on adverse effects (AE) of TKIs that has been made available to public by the FDA.

Methods: The FDA has made the data on AEs of various treatments available to general public through the FDA Adverse Events Reports System (FAERS) public dashboard. We investigated the CV AEs of various TKIs for the years 2017-2019.

Results: The percentage of CV AE compared to total AEs reported for Imatinib, Dasatinib, Bosutinib , Nilotinib and Ponatinib were 7.2%, 10.5%, 15.8%, 23.4% and 23.5% respectively. The percentage of CV AE leading to death for Imatinib, Dasatinib, Bosutinib , Nilotinib and Ponatinib were 8.3%, 9.1%, 9.1%, 13.7 % and 18.6% respectively.

Conclusions: Out of the reported cases of AEs to TKIs approved for front line CML, nilotinib appears to have more CV AE compared to imatinib, dasatinib and bolutinib. Imatinib appears to have least CV AE out of the total AEs reported


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