Objective:Tumor targeting proteins were modified on the surface of platelets and chemotherapeutic drugs were encapsulated in platelets. Based on the fact that platelets can enter the tumor environment and interact with tumor cells, the functionalized platelets carrier has dual targeting effect to kill tumor cells.Methods:Aspirin was used to inhibit platelets aggregation and deformation in vitro to obtain complete platelets. Exogenous Tf (transferrin) was modified on platelets surface to target specific tumor cells (human multiple myeloma cell line RPMI8226). DOX (doxorubicin) was loaded into platelets. To verify the inhibitory effect of functional platelets vector on cell. To observe the distribution of targeted functional platelets vector and treatment effect on implant tumor in mice.Results:Aspirin can inhibit platelets aggregation and deformation during the preparation process effectively. Stable platelets can be modified by Tf and encapsulate DOX effectively. At the same time, the functional platelet vector can specifically aggregate in the implant tumor site in vivo and achieve effective anti-tumor effect.Conclusion:Platelets aggregation and deformation can be inhibited by aspirin effectively, which makes it a stable natural drug carrier. The antitumor effect can be achieved by the functional platelets.

Keywords:platelets, encapsulation, doxorubicin, tumor


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