The Editors retract the 2018 American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting abstract cited above. The second listed author, Charles Kiyaga, has stated that the abstract was submitted without his consent or approval, which is a violation of American Society of Hematology abstract and Blood authorship policies.

In addition, the abstract does not include disclosures for relevant conflicts of interest. The third and fourth authors, Mark Geisberg and Erik Serrao, are employees of Silver Lake Research Corporation, which produces HemoTypeSC, funded the study, and donated HemoTypeSC testing kits. This information was disclosed in the presentation for the abstract but is not disclosed in the abstract text.

This retraction makes no statement on the underlying science of this study.

Charles Kiyaga approves the retraction. Ruth Nankanja, Mark Geisberg, and Erik Serrao do not agree with or approve the retraction. Stephen Balyegyusa could not be reached for a response.

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