BAX 855 is a pegylated full-length recombinant factor VIII (PEG rFVIII) built on rFVIII (ADVATE) with an extended half-life and is intended for prophylaxis and the treatment of bleeding in patients with hemophilia A.1 This phase 3 surgery study is evaluating the efficacy and safety of BAX 855 for the perioperative control of hemostasis. Patients' informed consent and appropriate ethics committee approvals were obtained. Elective procedures were prospectively classified (major or minor) by the investigator/surgeon and major emergency surgeries were excluded. The target trough FVIII levels for major and minor surgeries were to be ≥80% and 30-60%, respectively. Each patient's pharmacokinetic (PK) profile was used to guide the BAX 855 dose and infusion frequency. BAX 855 PK were consistent with previous PK assessments with terminal half-life ranging from 8.81 to 18.06 hours for the 15 patients in this study.

In this interim analysis, 15 male previously treated patients (PTPs) ranging from 19 to 52 years of age have undergone 15 procedures in 7 countries. Individual procedure profiles are compiled to evaluate the control of hemostasis for BAX 855. There were 11 major procedures: 6 orthopedic (3 knee replacements, 2 arthroscopic synovectomies, 1 elbow cyst extirpation) and 5 non-orthopedic procedures (3 dental [root canals for 2 teeth, 2 extractions of ≥4 teeth, 1 radicular cyst removal], 1 cardiovascular [mediport placement], 1 abdominal [gastric band insertion]). The 4 minor surgeries comprised 1 synoviorthesis, 1 dental, 1 dermatological and 1 endoscopy (radiosynovectomy) procedure.

Efficacy was evaluated by the surgeon or investigator's rating of hemostatic control using 4-point scale which was based on blood loss and by comparing actual blood loss with predicted blood loss which was specified by the surgeon for non-hemophilia patients prior to the procedure. For all procedures, the hemostatic control of BAX 855 was rated "excellent" for the intraoperative (during the procedure), postoperative (24 hours after completion of the procedure), and perioperative (from start of the procedure until discharge or day 14) periods, except for 1 minor dental procedure in which postoperative efficacy was rated "good" and 1 minor procedure in which a postoperative rating was not provided (for both of these procedures intra- and perioperative ratings were "excellent").

Actual blood loss (ABL) for the intraoperative and postoperative periods were compared with predicted average and maximum values. Intraoperative ABL for all minor and major procedures was less than or equal to predicted averages and maximums, except for 1 minor procedure in which the ABL was greater than the predicted average and maximum and 1 major procedure which did not have ABL recorded. Postoperative ABL was less than or equal to predicted averages and maximums for 4/4 minor procedures and 5 major procedures. For 4 major procedures, postoperative ABL was greater than or equal to predicted average, but less than predicted maximums. For the remaining major procedure (synovectomy with general anesthesia) with reported ABL, postoperative ABL was greater than the predicted the average and maximum - the efficacy assessments at all periods for this procedure were considered "excellent".

These results demonstrate the efficacy of BAX 855 for the perioperative control of hemostasis in patients with severe hemophilia A.

1 Konkle BA, Stasyshyn O, Chowdary P et al. Pegylated, full-length, recombinant factor VIII for prophylactic and on-demand treatment of severe hemophilia A. Blood. 2015; Link to Publisher's site: http://www.bloodjournal.org/content/bloodjournal/early/2015/07/08/blood-2015-03-630897.full.pdf


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