A current limitation in gene therapy is obtaining a sufficient number of modified cells to produce a therapeutic effect in vivo. In several diseases, correction of a mutant allele confers a selective growth advantage to the modified cells, thus enhancing efficacy with moderate initial modification. For most diseases, however, there is no selective advantage to the corrected cells. One potential strategy to address this limitation is in vivo selection of modified cells using pharmacological agents. It has previously been shown that 6-thioguanine (6-TG), an FDA-approved chemotherapeutic small molecule, is cytotoxic to cells expressing the enzyme HPRT, allowing for selective growth of HPRT knockout cells. Knockout of HPRT can be achieved by creating a nonsense mutation in an upstream exon, or by terminating splicing by introducing a large transgene into an intron. To allow for selectable transgenesis of only cells which have undergone targeted integration (TI), engineered zinc-finger nucleases (ZFNs) were used to insert a virally-delivered transgene into an HPRT intron. After two weeks of in vitro 6-TG selection following genome modification, a 95-fold increase in TI was observed in pooled K562 cell populations to a final level of 72% TI, whereas a 30-fold increase in transgene-expressing live cells was seen in peripheral blood-mobilized primary CD34+ cells resulting in 90% transgene-positive live cells. Furthermore, a 72-fold increase in transgene mRNA transcript was observed after two weeks of erythroid differentiation and 6-TG selection of CD34+ cells compared to unselected genome-modified controls. These results represent an important step in developing hematopoietic stem cell (HSC)-based gene therapies, as well as a platform technology for creating gene-modified HSC populations with high proportions of therapeutic transgene expression via precise, targeted integration of a transgene of interest.


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