To study the immunophenotyping of plasma cells in patients with Multiple Myeloma(MM). To explore the antigen combination used to identify benign plasma cells from malignant plasma cells.


Four-color flow cytometry (BD FACSCalibur )was respectively used to detect antigens expression rate of 44 diagnosed patients with MM and 25 normal controls (14 patients with nutritional iron deficiency anemia and 11 healthy bone marrow donators). The results were analyzed by the software of CellQuest. The positive expression rate of clusters of differentiation in cells surface is greater than twenty percent.


The frequency of expression rate of clusters of differentiation among patients with MM are as fellows:CD138+(97.72%) ACD38+(100.00%) ACD56+(63.64%) ACD19-(84.09%) ACD20+(11.63%) ACD200+(77.27%) ACD28+(38.64%) ACD86+(54.55%). The frequency of expression rate among normal plasma cells of controls are CD138+(100.00%) ACD38+(100.00%) ACD56-(0.00%) ACD19+(96.00%) ACD20-(0.00%) ACD200+(0%) ACD28+(0.00%) ACD86+(4.00%).


Using the antigen combination of CD138 ACD38 ACD56 ACD19 ACD20 ACD200 ACD28 ACD86 is availably conducive to detect the phenotype of the malignant plasma cells of the patients with MM.


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