Leukemia cells exhibit alterations in intermediary metabolism similar to other cancers, wherein ATP sourcing is shunted from mitochondrial oxphos towards glycolytic preponderance (Warburg Effect) to meet oncogenic proliferative demands. A consequence of this metabolic switch is the simultaneous short-circuit of the programmed death pathways, leading to a immortalization program in cancer cells including leukemia. Delivery of high levels of CoQ10 in a lipid nanodispersion mixture (BPM31510) has been demonstrated to preferentially shift metabolic networks from glycolysis towards mitochondrial-centric oxphos and recapitulation of apoptotic pathways in various cancers in vitro and in vivo models. Given the centrality of the Bcl-2 involvement in the etiology of leukemia, this study focused on investigation of the effectiveness of BPM31510 in animal models of erythroid and myeloid leukemia. Human acute erythro-leukemia (K562) and acute myeloid leukemia (KG1) models were developed in immune-compromised mice. The mice (total n=120 for each model respectively) were randomized into four (n=30/group) treatment groups: Untreated (control); BPM31510 (75 mg/kg, once/day); chemotherapy (Adriamycin [5mg/kg; once/wk]+AraC [25mg/kg; 5 days] and BPM31510+chemotherapy. All dosing were intravenous and followed a protocol of 3wk treatment followed by 1wk rest. In both leukemia models, combination of BPM31510 with chemotherapy was associated with significant increase in survival compared to other groups. BPM31510 alone improved survival compared to chemotherapy in myeloid leukemia, not in erythroleukemia model. In a separate study, a rat (Fisher 344) chloroleukemia (MIA C51) model of CNS leukemia was developed that demonstrated paraplegia and urinary retention as a result of brain metastasis. Administration of BPM31510 (50 mg/kg/day, IP) was associated with complete resolution of limb paralysis demonstrating the ability of BPM31510 in penetrating into the CNS. Moreover, BPM31510 (50 mg/kg/day, IP) administration was associated with significant increase in survival in animals with metastasis to the lungs and liver. The data provides encouraging evidence of the potential translational use of CoQ10 containing BPM31510 in the treatment of leukemia. A Phase 1 study in relapse acute leukemia is to be started shortly.


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