The Editors wish to retract the 24 July 2012 prepublished First Edition paper cited above. This retraction was prepublished in First Edition on 14 March 2013. The research presented in this paper is based on the concepts that originated in the laboratory of Dr Jerker Widengren from the Experimental Biomolecular Physics/Department of Applied Physics, SCI Kungliga Tekniska Hogskolan (KTH, ie, Royal Institute of Technology) and was generated using the resources of his laboratory. The paper was submitted to Blood without Dr Widengren’s knowledge or approval while he was the custodian of the data. The investigation carried out by KTH concluded that misconduct had occurred and recommended retraction of the article. Dr Yang Yang was employed and funded by Dr Widengren's laboratory at the time and was the recipient of a fellowship awarded to carry out this work.

In November 2012, a paper by Daniel Rönnlund, Yang Yang, Hans Blom, Gert Auer, and Jerker Widengren, titled “Fluorescence Nanoscopy of Platelets Resolves Platelet-state Specific Storage, Release and Uptake of Proteins, Opening Up Future Diagnostic Applications” [Adv Healthc Mater. 2012;1(6):707-713], was published with Dr Yang's knowledge and participation as co-first author. This paper overlaps significantly with the Blood paper in intellectual content and experimental design. Although the Blood paper was prepublished online first and does not contain identical text or figures with the Rönnlund et al paper, the intellectual premise of the article published in Advanced Healthcare Materials preceded the Blood paper, making the Blood publication redundant in principle.

The authors were notified of the retraction, but did not respond regarding their concurrence.

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