Abstract 4923

This study was purposed to explore the apoptotic effect of gambogic acid on DB cells and its mechanism. The DB cells were treated with GA at different concentrations(2, 1, 0. 5, 0 ug/ml) in 24 hr. Annexin V-fluorescein-isothiocyanate/propidium iodide was used to detect apop tosis of DB cells. Western blot was used to determine the expressions of P53, Bcl-2 and Bax. The results showed that the Gambogic acid dose-dependently induced the apoptosis of DB cells in 24 hr, downregulated the expression of Bcl-2, upregulated the expressions of Bax, and the expression of P53 did not change. It is concluded that gambogic acid induces the apoptosis of DB cells through Bax upregulation, Bcl-2 downregulation without influence on P53.


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