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Exogenous factor VIII (FVIII) is used to reduce bleeding complications in patients with severe hemophilia A. However, there are two drawbacks of current routine prophylaxis by FVIII. One is the requirement of frequent intravenous administration due to its short half-life and low subcutaneous bioavailability of FVIII. Second is the development of anti-FVIII antibodies (inhibitors) in approximately 30% of the severe patients which deprives the patients from routine prophylaxis by FVIII. To overcome these drawbacks, bispecific IgG antibody against activated factor IX (FIXa) and factor X (FX), which mimics the cofactor function of FVIII by placing these two factors into spatially appropriate positions, was screened from approximately 40,000 bispecific antibodies recognizing FIXa by the one arm and FX by the other arm.

The therapeutic potential of the bispecific antibody identified from the screening was marginal due to insufficient FVIII-mimetic activity and poor pharmacokinetics, and moreover, large scale purification of recombinant bispecific IgG antibody was challenging. Therefore, the lead bispecific antibody, after humanization, was subjected to multidimensional optimization process in order to improve both the therapeutic potential and the manufacturability of the bispecific antibody. FVIII-mimetic activity was improved by modifying its binding properties to FIXa and FX, and the pharmacokinetics was improved by engineering the charge properties of the variable region. Difficulty of manufacturing bispecific antibody was overcome by identifying common light chain for anti-FIXa and FX heavy chain through framework/complementarity determining region shuffling, and by isoelectric point engineering of the two heavy chain variable regions to facilitate ion exchange chromatography purification of the bispecific antibody. Engineering to overcome low solubility and deamidation was also performed to enable stable high concentration liquid formulation for clinical use.

ACE910, multidimensionally optimized bispecific antibody, exhibited potent FVIII-mimetic activity in human FVIII deficient plasma (more than 10% of FVIII activity at 300 nM in thrombin generation assay), and half-life of approximately 3 weeks with high subcutaneous bioavailability in cynomolgus monkey, enabling effective prophylaxis by subcutaneous administration with long dosing interval. In silico immunogenicity prediction analysis suggested that ACE910 was minimally immunogenic in human, in contrast to high immunogenicity of FVIII in human. Importantly, the activity of ACE910 was not affected by the presence of inhibitors, while polyclonal anti-ACE910 antibody did not inhibit FVIII activity, allowing the use of ACE910 without considering the development or presence of inhibitors. Furthermore, ACE910 could be purified in a large scale manufacturing, and formulated into patient-friendly subcutaneously injectable liquid formulation for clinical use.

We believe that ACE910, with its multidimensionally optimized profile, would significantly improve the quality of life of hemophilia A patients by reducing not only bleeding but also the burden on the patients themselves, their parents, and all medical staff.


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