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FVIII inhibitors that neutralise FVIII efficacy are the most serious complication of FVIII replacement therapy in patients with haemophilia A (HA) and can be overcome with high-dose FVIII (Bonn protocol) during immune tolerance induction (ITI) therapy.

The ongoing investigator-initiated Observational Immune Tolerance Induction (ObsITI) study systematically documents the tolerisation process, retrospectively and prospectively, in patients with HA and inhibitors, including those with a poor prognosis for ITI success. Here we report interim data on Octanate®, a human plasma-derived, von Willebrand factor-stabilised FVIII product.

Data were analysed for a subgroup of 18 prospective patients who received octanate® as the sole FVIII replacement therapy for a treatment/follow-up period of 36 months. ITI success was determined by fulfilment of three stringent criteria: (I) inhibitor titre < 0.6 Bethesda Units, (II) incremental in vivo recovery ≥ 80% of 1.5% per IU/kg body weight reference and (III) FVIII half-life ≥ 7 hours. According to the criteria fulfilled, patients achieved the following: partial response (I), partial success (I, II), complete success (I, II, III) or failure. Following complete success, patients received prophylaxis with octanate® every second day.

Of 18 patients, with at least one risk factor for a poor ITI outcome, 14 patients (77.8%) achieved complete success; 2 patients (11.1%) had partial response and 2 patients (11.1%) failed the ITI. Cox regression analysis of time to achievement of treatment outcome, suggested that both commencing ITI at ≤ 7 years of age and having had no prior ITI attempt appear to be positive prognostic factors for earlier ITI success in this population.

Despite the stringent success criteria, complete or partial ITI success was achieved in 77.8 % of the patients. Treatment with octanate® administered according to the Bonn protocol is safe and effective in the induction of immune tolerance, even in patients with a poor-prognosis for ITI success.


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