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The MPN&MPNr-EuroNet network, created in November 2009, is supported by the European program COST (CoOperation in Science and Technology). It is open to all colleagues active in the fields of myeloprolifeative neoplasms (MPN) and related hereditary diseases (MPNr: hereditary erythrocytosis and thrombocytosis).


To facilitate, improve and innovate in the diagnosis of MPN and hereditary erythrocytosis and thrombocytosis in Europe.


MPN&MPNr-EuroNet has formed 4 working groups (WG): WG 1 focuses on JAK2 -mutated MPN; WG 2 is dedicated to thrombocythemia and myelofibroses without mutation of JAK2 and includes subgroups specialized in hereditary thrombocytosis (HT) and in histopathology; WG 3 is dedicated to hereditary erythrocytosis (HE); WG 4 is responsible for scientific cooperation and the diffusion of scientific knowledge.


During the first 18 months of MPN&MPNr-EuroNet activity, 77 colleagues from 19 countries (16 European countries plus Israel, Turkey, and the USA), joined the network and participated in the four WG, resulting in the achievements listed below.

WG 1: 1) determination of the best JAK2 V617F assays, a joint MPN&MPNr-EuroNet/European LeukemiaNet project; 2) on-going study of MPN cases with low JAK2 V617F burden; 3) on-going study of MPN cases with multiple JAK2 mutation.

WG 2: 1) list of laboratories responsible for the diagnosis of MPL and THPO mutations in Europe; 2) first international quality test of the detection of MPL mutations; 3) on-going study of new THPO and MPL mutations in HT cases; 4) on-going study of the histopathology of MPN without JAK2 mutation.

WG 3: 1) list of laboratories responsible for the diagnosis of HE in Europe; 2) consensus on a diagnostic algorithm for the diagnosis of HE; 3) close interaction with COST Action TD0901 (HypoxiaNet) to facilitate the discovery of new genes of interest for the diagnosis of HE; 4) exchange of positive control samples for the main mutations responsible for HE; 5) study of idiopathic erythrocytosis.

WG 4: 1) MPN&MPNr-EuroNet website: www.mpneuronet.eu; 2) organization of bi-annual meetings (5th meeting: March 7–9, 2012, Belfast, United Kingdom); 3) organization of annual training schools: a May training school dedicated to the molecular detection of JAK2 and MPL mutations (in Nîmes, France), and an October training school dedicated to hereditary erythrocytosis (in Coimbra, Portugal); 4) financial support for short term scientific missions for exchange and collaborative studies between participating institutions.


MPN&MPNr-EuroNet will enable European researchers, biologists and clinicians to define new diagnostic tools and exchange technologies. MPN&MPNr-EuroNet is open to all interested physicians and scientists and we invite new members, including those from outside Europe, to join. Scholarships are available to finance participation in meetings and training schools, and to facilitate exchanges between participating institutions. For detailed information on all MPN&MPNr-EuroNet activities, see www.mpneuronet.eu.


Schnittger:MLL Munich Leukemia Laboratory: Employment, Equity Ownership. Vannucchi:Novartis: Honoraria.

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