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It is important for the progress of the support treatment for AML. It is possible for more than seventy years old patients to cure AML actively.


We examined the CMV reactivation after chemotherapy of AML, MDS, and ALL.


The study design planned to enroll 195 patients. Diagnoses included AML (121), MDS (56), ALL (18). Patients received induction chemotherapy. Induction regimens consisted of IDA (12 mg/m2 per day, day 1, 3, 5 and 8) and BHAC (350 mg/ m2 per day, day 1-10)(= Ara-C 200 mg/ m2 per day, day 1-10). Patients received consolidation chemotherapy. Consolidation chemotherapy comprised of High-dose Ara-C Therapy-containing regimens. We examined the CMV reactivation when patients have fever but they were recovered from the leukocyte decrease term after chemotherapy.


About 10% of patients experienced CMV reactivation. Thirteen of 121 AML patients experienced CMV reactivation. Three of 56 MDS patients experienced CMV reactivation. Four of 18 ALL patients experienced CMV reactivation.


It is important to be careful for CMV reactivation in patients receiving High-dose Ara-C Therapy.


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