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Poster Board I-856

Expression of heparan sulfate proteoglycan (HSPG) syndecan-1 is a hallmark of both normal and multiple myeloma (MM) plasma cells. Syndecan-1 could affect plasma cell fate by strengthening integrin-mediated adhesion via its core protein and/or by accommodating and presenting soluble factors via its HS side-chains. Here, we show that inducible RNAi-mediated knockdown of syndecan-1 in human MM cells leads to reduced growth rates and a strong increase of apoptosis. Importantly, knockdown of EXT-1, a co-polymerase critical for HS-chain biosynthesis, had similar effects. By employing an innovative myeloma xenotransplant model in Rag-2-/-γc-/- mice, we demonstrate that induction of EXT-1 knockdown in vivo dramatically suppresses the growth of bone marrow localized myeloma. Our findings provide direct evidence that the HS-chains of syndecan-1 are crucial for the growth and survival of MM cells within the bone marrow environment, and indicate the HS biosynthesis machinery as a potential treatment target in MM.


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