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Allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (allo-HSCT) is a curative treatment for many hematologic malignancies or hematopoietic dysfunction syndromes, but the application is still limited due to major complications, such as severe graft versus host disease (GvHD) and infectious complications. Diagnosis chronic GvHD is based on clinical features and biopsies, a non invasive, unbiased laboratory test does not exist.

We used the urine collected from 20 patients (10 with limited cGvHD, 10 with extensive cGvHD) to establish a proteomic pattern that allowed the diagnosis of cGvHD development and tested the resulting set of polypeptide markers (27 differentially excreted peptides) on more than 200 patients prospectively and blinded for the correct classification of cGvHD samples. The majority of the patients included were transplanted for hematological malignancies (n=209), 6 for hematopoietic failure syndromes. Conditioning regimens included dose reduced conditioning regimens (FLAMSA and ClaraC for the majority of the patients of MHH), as well as standard conditioning regimens (TBI+Cy or Busulfan+Cy) for about 35% of the patients, with GvHD-prophylaxis including cyclosporine A and mycophenolate (MMF) or metothrexate (MTX) as appropriate. Eighty percent of the patients received ATG (antithymocyte globulin) prior to HSCT.

A peptide pattern of 27 peptides, differentiating chronic from acute GvHD was developed. Controls were patients at least 100 days post HSCT, with no GvHD in the history, no infections and without relapse at the time of sampling. Prospective and blinded evaluation of the patients revealed the correct classification of patients developing cGvHD with a sensitivity of 85% and specificity of 95%.Further evaluation of the cGvHD patterns specific for particular organ manifestations of cGvHD are currently ongoing. Interestingly, the cGvHD pattern seems to be predictive for GvHD developing post DLI, while the aGvHD-specific proteomic pattern only predicts GvHD of the intestine, which may be more similar to “late acute GvHD”.


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