The authors wish to retract the February 15, 2008, article cited above. The initial data available at the time the paper was published were inappropriately collected. The first author, Abderrahman Abdelkefi, was solely responsible for the errors. The authors present their deepest apologies to the scientific community and to the readers, reviewers, and editors of Blood for publishing these data. The undersigned agreed to the retraction by notifying the journal.

Abderrahman Abdelkefi, Saloua Ladeb, Lamia Torjman, Tarek Ben Othman, Amel Lakhal, Neila Ben Romdhane, Moez Elloumi, Ramzi Jeddi, Lamia Aissaouï, Assia Ben Hassen, Fahmi Msadek, Ali Saad, and Mohamed Hsaïri

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