Several γ secretase inhibitors (GSIs) were tested for the ability to induce apoptosis in precursor B acute lymphoblastic leukemia (pre-B ALL) cells. Of five GSI’s tested, treatment with two compounds resulted in effective killing of both pre-B lymphoblasts and cells from multiple pre-B ALL lines. Since Notch receptors represent an important group of γ secretase targets, we evaluated expression and activation status of Notch receptors in CD19+ lymphoblasts from pediatric pre-B ALL patients, as well as cultured pre-B ALL cells. We found that, unlike T-ALL where activating mutations are common, pre-B ALL cells appear to drive constitutive Notch signaling through autocrine signals. Blasts from 11 patients expressed 3 Notch receptors and multiple Notch counter-ligands. Expression of Notch pathway genes was also confirmed by microarray analysis of genes expressed in 207 children with high risk B precursor ALL. GSI treatment of pre-B ALL cells led to dephosphorylation of AKT and Foxo3, Bim expression and caspase activation. GSI treatment also blocked cleavage of Notch 1 and 2 to their active forms and inhibited expression of Notch targets, Hey2 and Myc. In contrast, increased expression of Hes1 and Hey1 was correlated with GSI-induced loss of the co-repressor, SMRT. GSI treatment appears to induce precursor B cell death by disrupting the balance between constitutive Notch signaling and repression.

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