Objective: The study aims to investigate the effect of Tetrandrine (Tetrandrine, Tet) in combination with Droloxifen (Droloxifen, DRL) on the expression of NF-κB(nuclear factor kappaB) of K562 and K562/A02 cell lines and the reversal mechanism of this combination.


  1. The activation of NF-κB in K562 and K562/A02 cell lines and the effect of Tet,DRL alone or in combination on NF-κB were determined with Immunocytochemistry and Western blotting respectively.


  1. K562/A02 cells displayed higher level of NF-κB protein expression than their parental K562 cells;

  2. The application of Tet or DRL alone or in combination had no effect on NF-κB expression in K562 cells at 6h and 12h;

  3. Tet and DRL used alone or in combination could significantly down-regulate NF-κB protein expression in nucleaus of K562/A02 cells.

The effect was more significant in combination of Tet and DRL than the application of single drug. This decrease became more significant at 12h than at 6h.


  1. Activation of NF-κB may be involved in the mechanism of MDR of K562/A02 cell line;

  2. Inhibition of NF-κB activation may be involved in the mechanism of multidrug resistance reversal to K562/A02 line of Tet and DRL.

Disclosure: No relevant conflicts of interest to declare.