CD34+ cord blood progenitors can develop into interstitial/dermal (int) dendritic cells (DC) and Langerhans cells (LC). IL-4 induces common progenitors to differentiate into intDC and suppresses TGF-β1-dependent LC. The transcriptional mechanisms underlying DC versus LC development remain unclear. We found that the erythroid master transcription factor GATA-1 is differentially expressed in DC subtypes: LC were negative for GATA-1. However, GATA-1 was detected in CD34+-derived intDC and the related monocyte derived DC (moDC) with late kinetics and at low expression levels compared to erythroid cells. Induced expression of GATA-1 in DC/LC precursors promoted the formation of intDC and inhibited concomitant monocyte differentiation. Interestingly, GATA-1 and PU.1 are simultaneously expressed during moDC differentiation and both synergise in CD11b expression. Additionally, GATA-1 suppressed vitamin D3 receptor expression, which is a side-effect of moDC development. Taken together, these data indicate the crucial role of GATA-1 in DC development.

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