Background: Pregnant women with APS associated with RPL treated with enoxaparin and low dose aspirin (ASA) resulted in an 84% viable infant delivery (Fertil Steril. 2005 Mar;83(3):684–90).

Design and Methods: Retrospective analysis. 30 patients (pts) were enrolled. Mean chronological age was 33.4 years. All pts had 2 or more first trimester losses and had a complete evaluation for RPL including anatomical, hormonal, infectious, chromosomal, and immunological. A standard ELISA was employed to detect the presence of IgG, IgM, and IgA serum antibodies against the phospholipids cardiolipin, inositol, serine, and ethanolamine. All pts received ASA 81 mg orally and enoxaparin 40 mg subcutaneously daily as soon as the serum pregnancy test became positive. Pts were monitored at monthly intervals.



Conclusions: We did not observe miscarriages in pregnant women with APS associated with first trimester RPL treated with enoxaparin and low dose aspirin after the 12th week of pregnancy.

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