To evaluate levels of coagulation /anticoagulation factors and distribution of their gene polymorphisms in patients with venous thromboembolism(VTE) and acute myocardial infarction(AMI). Of 95 VTE, 95 AMI patients and 95 normal controls were be studied. The results showed that the levels of fibrinogen and D-Dimer, the activies of FII, FV and FVIII were remarkably higher in patient with VTE than those in healthy group, and the activities of FIX, PC and AT were of no significant difference between VTE group and healthy group. The mean levels of fibrinogen, D-Dimer, FV:C and FVIII:C were significantly higher in AMI group than that in controls; while, no significant difference of FII:C, FIX:C, PC:A and AT:A between AMI patients and the controls. In controls, -148CT + -148TT was associated with higher fibrinogen concentrations, the genotypes of other gene polymorphisms were not associated with levels of coagulation /anticoagulation factors. Clear difference were observed for the T allele frequencies of -148C/T and distribution frequencies of FII A19911G were found between VTE group and normal group. there was significant difference of -1476TT genotype distributions and T allele frequencies in -1476A/T between VTE and control subjects. There was significant difference of AC+CC genotype distribution in 1298 A/C polymorphisms between AMI and control, and it was so with the GA genotype in 1793 G/A polymorphisms. But neither genotype frequencies nor allele frequencies of other polymorphisms were found to be no of significant difference between VTE /AMI group and control group. This study proved the importance of combined functions of several coagulant factors in causing VTE and AMI. The carriage of the C148T mutation, FII 20210G/A and -1476A/T polymorphism might be associated with an increased risk of VTE, while the MTHFR 1298A/C and 1793G/A polymorphisms may be related to the development of AMI. Only some of joint occurrence of above polymorphisms might increase the occurrence rate of VTE or AMI.

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