Background: imatinib mesylate (IM) is the drug of choice for the front-line treatment of Ph+ CML, at a dose of 400 mg daily (

M. Baccarani et al
). Several biological and clinical observations suggest that increasing the dose may improve the results. The cytogenetic response to IM 400 mg daily is significantly related with Sokal relative risk. High risk patients could benefit of a dose increase front-line.

Aim: to compare the effects of 400 mg and 800 mg daily in previously untreated, early chronic phase patients, high Sokal risk. The primary efficacy variable of the study is the complete cytogenetic response (CCgR) rate after 12 months, on an intention-to-treat analysis.

Patients and Methods: this is a multicentric international study running in Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Turkey and Israel, approved by the local Ethic Committees, conducted according to Helsinki Declaration and Good Clinical Practice. 215 patients with confirmed Ph+ CML previously untreated, high risk according to Sokal formulation (

J. Sokal et al
) were enrolled over a 3-year period and were randomized (1:1) to receive IM 400 or 800 mg daily. Cytogenetic response was assessed by conventional cytogenetics and FISH analysis after 3, 6 and 12 months. Molecular response was evaluated every three months.

Results: as of August 2007, 137 patients are evaluable for CCgR rate at 12 months (primary efficacy variable). Patients in CCgR at that time were 78/137 (57%). Treatment failures during the study (no complete hematologic response or 100% Ph+ at 6 months, or loss of response) were 24/137 (17%), patients off-treatment for protocol violations or refusal were 10/137 (7%), patients off-treatment for toxicity were 7/137 (5%).

Conclusions: the results of this preliminary analysis show that the CCgR rate at 12 months is overall 57%, in line with the results of the IRIS trial (imatinib 400 mg daily - T. Hughes et al, NEJM 2003, 349;15: 1423–1432) in the same risk category (69% all risks, 49% high Sokal risk). At the time of writing is too early to analyze the results by arm: a second analysis will be performed in November (datalock, October 31) and the results will be presented on site.

Supported by European LeukemiaNet, WP 4.

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