The P2X7 receptor is a key player in processing and release of IL-1 family. We have recently demonstrated that A1513C polymorphism in P2X7 gene is related to the occurrence of infections and survival in HLA-matched sibling allogeneic stem cell transplantation (

Lee et al.,
). Here we extended our study by examining 3 SNP sites of P2X7 gene (A1513C, H155Y, and H270R) in all transplanted patients with hematological malignancies whose peripheral blood samples clinical data were available. Finally, 220 patients (146 acute leukemia, 30 chronic leukemia, 20 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, 19 myelodysplastic syndrome, and 5 multiple myemola) were included in the present study and 3 polymorphism sites of both donors and recipients were analyzed from peripheral blood samples. Donor 1513CC was associated with microbiologically documented bacteremia (56.3% for 1513CC donors vs. 30.9% for 1513AA or AC donors, P=.038). In contrast, recipient H155Y TT genotype was associated with lesser frequency of bacteremia (25.8% for TT recipients vs. 38.6% for CC or CT recipients, P=.055). Overall survival or treatment-related mortality did not differ significantly according to A1513C or H155Y polymorphisms. Recipient H270R GG genotype was significantly associated with shorter progression-free survival after transplantation (median, 567 days for GG recipients vs. 2122 days for AA or AG recipients, P=.042). The differences of overall survival according to H270R polymorphism, however, did not reach statistical significance (median 285 days vs. 314 days, P=.230). We conclude that A1513C, H155Y, and H270R polymorphisms in P2X7 receptor gene are related to the occurrence of infections and recurrences of hematological malignancies after allogeneic stem cell transplantation. Defining the polymorphisms may be helpful in optimal selection of patients and donors.

Progression-Free Survival According to H270R Genotype of Recipients

Progression-Free Survival According to H270R Genotype of Recipients

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