Bone marrow aspirates of 39 patients with different diseases were examined. In 8 of these patients, who showed hyperglobulinemia of nonmyelomatous origin, three kinds of cells were found:

1) Plasmocytoid reticulum cells whose cytoplasm was filled with crystal-like configurations.

2) Plasmocytoid reticulum cells with hyaline transparent vesicles of different sizes in the cytoplasm. These cells resembled the "morular cell" of Mott.

3) Plasma cells the cytoplasm of which contained opaque bluish staining globular bodies varying in number and size. These cells were identical with the "grape cell."

The "grape cell" was also found in the buffy coat of the blood from 2 patients with hyperglobulinemia, and the "morular cell" in the buffy coat from a patient suffering from an unusual parasitic disease.

The protein nature of these inclusions is assumed, since they stained with the M.G.G. combination, but did not stain with Sudan black nor with P.A.S.

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