In the article by Nishimura et al entitled “Thrombin-activatable procarboxypeptidase B regulates activated complement C5a in vivo,” which appeared in the March 1, 2007, issue of Blood (Volume 109:1992-1997), there were errors in the byline, the abstract, and the text. The third author's name should have been Adrian M. Piliponsky. Also, the abstract should have begun, “Plasma procarboxypeptidase B (proCPB) is activated by the endothelial thrombin-thrombomodulin complex. Activated proCPB (CPB) functions as ….” Finally, the last sentence of “Discussion” should have read, “Selective activation of thrombin, enhancing its antithrombotic and anti-inflammatory functions by combined activation of PC and proCPB, while minimizing its prothrombotic properties, may represent another avenue of developing new antithrombotic agents.41–43 The byline error was corrected online in departure from print.

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