Primary oral cavity lymphomas (POCV) are uncommon and must be distinguish from widespread involvement of systemic lymphomas.

Countries with high incidence of oral malignancies report cancer predominance. HIV+ population have higher prevalence than immunocompetent patientes. Alcohol and tobacco have been mentioned like risk factors. The International Prognostic Index has been taken in consideration. Patients attended Hospital on referal from medical or odontology centers and others on their own. A total of 29 patientes were studied. Aged 21 to 70, media 47,3 years. Male predominance: 69%. Histopathology: NHL high grade B: 19 cases, NHL low grade B: 4, NHL high grade T: 3 and plasmoblastic 3. Sites: superior maxilla: 12, inferior maxilla 11, tongue 3, palate 3. No predominance for right or left locations. HIV+ 9 patients (31%) The prevalence among inmmunocompetent was markedly lower: in 662 diagnosed with NHL 20 cases=3,02%, in 32 NHL HIV+ 9 cases= 28,12%. More frequent complaints were: painless swell of the maxilla, movable teeth, dysphagia, facial edema. The stages were I and II, 28% with locoregional extension: adenopathies or bone infiltration. The IPI was 0 in17, 1 in 10 and 2 in 2 patients. All patients received chemotherapy (CVP, CHOP), with initial good response and early relapse in HIV+.

Conclusions: In correspondence with others reports, we found predominance in male and middle age, B cell lineage and connection with HIV infection. POCL may lead to the diagnosis of an up to then unknown HIV infection. The little specificity of the initial symptons tends to delay the diagnosis and the referal to a specialized center. IPI didn’t prove useful as a prognostic assessment.

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