Burkitt Lymphoma (BL) is a highly proliferative lymphoma with a propensity to present in extranodal sites. Standard treatment for BL involves intensive, multi-agent chemotherapy that is highly effective but associated with considerable toxicity and treatment-related mortality, particularly in older patients. Based on the observation that DA-EPOCH overcomes the adverse effect of high proliferation in diffuse large B-cell lymphomas, we hypothesized it may be effective in BL. We have undertaken a study of DA-EPOCH-Rituximab in untreated BL in an attempt to maintain a high cure rate with low treatment related toxicity. Eligible patients had untreated BL and could be HIV positive or negative. HIV negative patients (n=13) received 6 cycles of DA-EPOCH-R as previously described (

). Patients with HIV-associated BL (n=4) received 3–6 cycles of DA-EPOCH-R for 1 cycle beyond CR for a minimum of 3 cycles. All patients received intrathecal methotrexate prophylaxis and therapy was administered in the outpatient clinic where possible. Characteristics of 17 patients include median age (range) 27 (18–66) and ECOG PS 1 (1–3); stage III/IV 9 (53%); LDH > N 9 (53%); male sex 13 (76%) and; extranodal sites 11 (65%). All 11 (65%) patients with extranodal disease had abdominal or pelvic involvement at diagnosis. No patients had central nervous system disease on presentation. Response is CR/CRu in 100% of patients. One patient received consolidative radiotherapy to a single site of residual disease. At a median potential follow-up of 28 months, OS and PFS are both 100% and EFS is 92.3%. Significant toxicities include fever/neutropenia in 16%, grade 4 neutropenia in 47% and grade 3/4 thrombocytopenia in 22% of cycles. There were no treatment related deaths and no tumor lysis syndrome. In conclusion, DA-EPOCH-R appears to be highly effective with relatively low toxicity compared to standard intensive high-dose regimens for BL. Infusional chemotherapy may reduce or eliminate the risk of tumor lysis syndrome. Accrual continues.

Disclosures: DA-EPOCH-R agents are not all FDA approved for Burkitt lymphoma.

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