The administration of quinacrine to rats, mice, rabbits, hamsters, guinea-pigs, dogs, monkeys, chickens, and ducks results in definite hematological changes. Peculiar basophilic inclusions, usually associated with vacuoles, appear in the cytoplasm of lymphocytes of all nine species following drug therapy. Inclusions of a similar nature are seen in erythrocytes of the rat, mouse, and hamster and rarely in monocytes of the rat.

The rat shows an anemia, polynucleosis, lymphopenia, and monocytosis after quinacrine dosing. None of the other species develop a leukocytosis or monocytosis, but they sometimes show a polynucleosis and lymphopenia after quinacrine therapy. Leukopenia occurs in the monkey and occasionally in the dog following the use of this drug.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Grateful acknowledgment is due to Drs. H. Molitor and H. A. Charipper, who so willingly gave of their time in discussing this problem and in offering suggestions and criticisms.

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