It is possible to prepare self-stabilizing solutions of hemoglobin from human erythrocytes by the use of dextrose, nicotinic acid amide and ammonia during the preparation and in the final solutions themselves. Co++, Mn++ and Mg++ ions, nile blue and hexose diphosphate contribute to the speed of stabilization of these solutions. Stabilization is obtained by the faculty of the solutions, presumably by enzymic action, to convert the hemoglobin to the reduced form and to maintain it in this form. The hemoglobin solutions described are suitable for intravenous administration.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT We wish to acknowledge our deep indebtedness to Miss Lois Priester and to Mr. Edward Smith for their technical assistance in this work. We wish also to express our gratitude to the Biological Production Division and to the Biological Control Division of Sharp and Dohme for assistance in many phases of the work.

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