Four patients with granulocytic sarcoma are described. Granulocytic sarcoma of the cheek occurred in one patient 10 months before the diagnosis of acute myelocytic leukemia could be made. Another patient had multiple bone and dural granulocytic sarcomas 17 months before she developed acute myelocytic leukemia. One patient had a breast granulocytic sarcoma and acute myelocytic leukemia diagnosis simultaneously, and a fourth patient developed a chest wall granulocytic sarcoma 11-½ months after the diagnosis of acute monocytic leukemia. The cheek and chest wall granulocytic sarcomas responded completely to antileukemic chemotherapy but subsequently recurred. Radiotherapy effected a permanent complete remission of the chest wall sarcoma, and partial regression of the bone granulocytic sarcomas in another case.

The possibility that acute myelocytic leukemic, granulocytic sarcoma and reticulum cell sarcoma are variations of the same disease is suggested and discussed.

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