OBJETIVE: To estimate the cost- effectiveness of Venetoclax + Rituximab (VEN + R) versus ibrutinib in the treatment of Relapsed/Refractory (R/R) Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL), in Argentina from the Social Security perspective."

METHODS: A three-state partitioned survival model (including pre-progression, post-progression and death) developed in accordance with the NICE Guide to the Methods of Technology Appraisal and the ISPOR decision modelling guidelines was adapted to Argentina setting. Population inputs are derived from the MURANO trial. Efficacy and safety data for treatments in R/R CLL were obtained from the literature. The cost of medication was based on country level drug prices. Costs of resources used for routine medical attention and the management of adverse events were based on tariffs from social security system of Argentina. Costs were expressed in US dollars ($) (exchange rate 1$ = 37.10 AR$, November 2018). A 30-year time horizon and the Social Security's payer's perspective were assumed. Costs and health outcomes were discounted at 5%. Deterministic and probabilistic sensitivity analyses (PAS) were performed.

RESULTS: Over a 30-year time horizon, VEN + R regimen generates a significantly lower total treatment cost in comparison to Ibrutinib (- US dollars ($) 312.679,37). In QALYs the result is higher in VEN + R related to the comparator (5.83 vs. 4.18). These show that VEN + R is a dominant treatment strategy over Ibutrinib in patients with R/R CLL. The univariate sensitivity and scenario analysis confirm the robustness of this result. Likewise, the probabilistic sensitivity analysis shows that there is a 100% probability that VEN + R is a cost-effective strategy against Ibrutinib.

CONCLUSIONS: This study shows that in Argentina, VEN+R would be dominant treatment option (better results and lower costs) compared with ibrutinib in R/R CLL patients.


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