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Current Issue
Volume 143,
Issue 8,
February 22 2024

Issue Highlights

Latest in Blood
Plenary Papers
Woosuk S. Hur; Tomohiro Kawano; Jean Marie N. Mwiza; David S. Paul; Robert H. Lee; Emily G. Clark; Emma G. Bouck; Ananya Dutta; Can Cai; Stephen R. Baker; Martin Guthold; Nigel Mackman; Pierre Mangin; Alisa S. Wolberg; Wolfgang Bergmeier; Matthew J. Flick
First Edition
Mariam Murtadha; Miso Park; Yinghui Zhu; Enrico Caserta; Ottavio Napolitano; Theophilus Tandoh; Milad Moloudizargari; Alex Pozhitkov; Mahmoud K. Singer; Ada Alice Dona; Hawa Vahed; Asaul Gonzalez; Kevin Ly; Ching Ouyang; James Sanchez; Lokesh Nigam; Amanda Duplan; Arnab Chowdhury; Lucy Y. Ghoda; Ling Li; Bin Zhang; Amrita Y Krishnan; Guido Marcucci; John C Williams; Flavia Pichiorri
Clinical Trials and Observations
Cyrille Touzeau; Aurore Perrot; Cyrille Hulin; Salomon Manier; Margaret Macro, Dr; Marie-Lorraine Chretien; Lionel Karlin; Martine Escoffre; Caroline Jacquet; Mourad Tiab; Xavier Leleu; Hervé Avet-Loiseau; Alexandra Jobert; Lucie Planche; Jill Corre; Philippe Moreau


Featured Content

CAR T cells plus ibrutinib in relapsed/refractory MCL; targeting SGF29 in AML; diffusion-limited oxygen release from stored blood

CAR T cells and time-limited ibrutinib as treatment for relapsed/refractory mantle cell lymphoma: the phase2 TARMAC study

Transcriptional control of leukemogenesis by the chromatin reader SGF29

Impaired O2 unloading from stored blood results in diffusion-limited O2 release at tissues: evidence from human kidneys

Sequential antigen loss and branching evolution in lymphoma after CD19- and CD20-targeted T-cell–redirecting therapy

Hemocompatibility and biophysical interface of left ventricular assist devices and total artificial hearts

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