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ASH Abstract Achievement Awards and Outstanding Abstract Achievement Awards 2023

December 11, 2023

Each year, the American Society of Hematology (ASH) offers the following merit-based awards to support select trainees with high-achieving abstracts who are chosen to present their work at the ASH annual meeting. Trainees include those who fall within one of the following categories: undergraduate student, medical student, graduate student, resident physician, and postdoctoral fellow (MD or PhD). The benefits vary by award. To learn more about these awards, and to apply in future award cycles, visit 

National Partner Society Abstract Achievement Awards

The National Partner Society Abstract Achievement Awards are given to an international hematologist, wo must be a member of the support organization and resident of the respective country, to help advance knowledge and inspire continued professional development in hematology. 

ASH-Haematology Society of Australia and New Zealand (HSANZ) Abstract Achievement Awards

James Kuzich, MBBS 

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre 

Abstract Title: A Rare Cell State Underpins Diverse Mechanisms of Adaptive Resistance to CAR T-Cell Therapy in B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 


ASH-Japanese Society of Hematology (JSH) Abstract Achievement Awards 

Satoshi Kaito, Md, PhD 

The University of Tokyo 

Abstract Title: Inhibition of Topors Ubiquitin Ligase Augments the Efficacy of DNA Hypomethylating Agents through DNMT1 Stabilization 


Rurika Okuda, MSc, BS 

Kyoto University 

Abstract Title: Clonal Evolution of Der(1;7)(q10;p10) Myeloid Neoplasms 


Kenki Saito 

Nara Medical University 

Abstract Title: Persistent ADAMTS13 Inhibitor May Lead to Delayed ADAMTS13 Recovery in Japanese Patients with Caplacizumab-Treated Immune-Mediated Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura 


ASH-Society Italiana di Ematologia (SIE) Abstract Achievement Awards 

Enrico Attardi MD 

University of Rome “Tor Vergata” 

Abstract Title: Unraveling the Impact of 2022 Classifications on Secondary Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Assessing the True Qualification Power of Diagnostic Qualifiers 


Luca Lanino, MD 


Abstract Title: Molecular Classification of Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia: Results of the Analysis of an International Cohort of 2,471 Patients 


ASH-British Society of Hematology (BSH) Abstract Achievement Awards 

I-Jun Lau 

University of Oxford 

Abstract Title: Sustained MYB Activity Is Necessary for Oncogenic Transcription in KMT2A-Rearranged Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia through Enhancer-Promoter Interactions and Epigenetic Modifications at Enhancers 

Nikolaos Sousos 

Oxford University Hospitals 

Abstract Title: Platelet-Restricted Clonal Hematopoiesis 

Maryam Subhan 

University College London 

Abstract Title: Comparing the Impact of Rituximab Dosing on Longitudinal ADAMTS13 Parameters in TTP 


ASH-IPIG Abstract Achievement Award for Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH)

The International Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria Interest Group (IPIG) is dedicated to enhancing and expanding professional knowledge about paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) and related disorders in order to improve patient treatment and care. ASH and IPIG have partnered to create this award, which is granted up to two trainees who are the first or senior author and presenter of the most meritorious PNH-focused abstracts submitted in the fields of red cells and erythropoiesis or bone marrow failure. 

Carlos Bravo-Perez, MD 

Cleveland Clinic 

Abstract Title: Bone Marrow Failure and Inborn Errors of Immunity: An Immunogenomic Crossroad 

Hiroki Mizumaki 

National Institutes of Health 

Abstract Title: Characterization of Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells of PNH Patients Using Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Analysis 


ASH-Frank Toohey Abstract Achievement Award for Myelodysplastic Syndromes

This award honors the legacy of John Francis (Frank) Toohey, a longtime public servant who died from MDS in 2019, and acknowledges the highest-scoring abstract submitted in the area of MDS in older adult populations. 


Cristina Astrid Tentori, MD 


Abstract Title: Clinical and Genomic-Based Decision Support System to Define the Optimal Timing of Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in Patients with Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS) 


Mary Rodes Gibson Memorial Award in Hemostasis and Thrombosis

This honor, which is part of the Outstanding Abstract Achievement Award program, is granted to a trainee who is the first author and presenters of the highest-scoring abstract submitted in the field of hemostasis and thrombosis. 

Lucas Van Gorder 

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 

Abstract Title: Evolution Directed Gene Engineering (EDGE) Identifies Single Amino Acid Substitutions in FVIII with Six-Fold Increased in Vitro and In Vivo Activity 

Joanne Levy, MD, Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement

This award is presented to the ASH Scholar Award recipient with the highest-scoring abstract, as determined by the appointed abstract reviewers. 

Matthew Frank, MD, PhD 

Stanford University 

Abstract Title: Manufacturing of a Subsequent Autologous CAR-T Product after Prior CAR-T Is Safe and Feasible 

Outstanding Abstract Achievement Awards

ASH is pleased to recognize the following abstract presenters who received the highest ranking in their categories. 

Undergraduate Student 

Rajagopalan Subramaniam 

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) 

Abstract Title: Individualized Prediction of Outcomes of Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation for Sickle Cell Disease: A Machine Learning Approach 


Medical Student 

Anagha Sheth, BSc 

University of Colorado School of Medicine 

Abstract Title: Targeting Mitochondrial Calcium Uptake to Eradicate Venetoclax-Resistant Acute Myeloid Leukemia Stem Cells 


Resident Physician 

Moritz Fürstenau 

University of Cologne 

Abstract Title: First-Line Venetoclax Combinations in Fit Patients with CLL: 4-Year Follow-up and NGS-Based MRD Analysis from the Phase 3 GAIA/CLL13 Trial 


Graduate Student 

Zhaofeng Zheng 

Institute of Hematology & Blood 

Abstract Title: The ATF4-RPS19BP1 Axis Modulates Ribosome Biogenesis to Promote Erythropoiesis 


Postdoctoral Fellow 

Mirca Saurty-Seerunghen, PhD 

Weill Cornell Medicine 

Abstract Title: Classic Hodgkin Lymphomas Display Neuronal-Glial Lineage Transdifferentiation 


Minority Graduate Student Abstract Achievement Award

The Minority Graduate Student Abstract Achievement Aard is part of the ASH Abstract Achievement Award program. This award program is meant to encourage minority graduate students in the field of hematology and is one component of the broader Minority Recruitment Initiative, which includes a host of awards. 

Charles Ayemoba 

University of Illinois at Chicago 

Abstract Title: Platelet Factor 4 Binds to Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor to Block Leukemic Stem Cell Expansion and Recurrence 

Corbin Azucenas 

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center 

Abstract Title: Inducible Knockout of Codanin-1: An Adult Mouse Model of Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anemia Type-I 

Ginette Balbin-Cuesta 

University of Michigan Medical School 

Abstract Title: Identifying Novel Regulators of y-Globin Expression Using a Genome-Scale CRISPR Activation Screen 

Claudia Cabrera 

Washington University School of Medicine 

Abstract Title: Primary U2AF1S34F Mutated Hematopoietic Cells Are Sensitive to Nonsense-Mediated RNA Decay Disruption In Vivo 

Daisy Diaz Rohena 

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center 

Abstract Title: Enriched Signalling Pathways in Venetoclax-relapsed Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) cells and Targeting Using a PROTAC-based Bcl-2/Bcl-xL Degrader 

Ariel Leyte-Vidal 

University of California 

Abstract Title: BGS-2456 Is a Novel Potent Covalent Inhibitor of FLT3 That Highly Discriminates Against KIT and Is Not Toxic Toward Normal Hematopoiesis in Vitro 

Francisco Marchi 

University of Florida 

Abstract Title: The Methylome Atlas of Acute Leukemia Enables Novel Clinical Diagnostic Tool for AML 

Richard Marrero 

University of Florida 

Abstract Title: GWAS Identifies Variants Associated with Minimal Residual Disease After Induction I in Pediatric Patients With Newly Diagnosed Acute Myeloid Leukemia 

Jonny Mendoza-Castrejon 

Washington University School of Medicine 

Abstract Title: Fetal MLL-ENL Initiation Induces Developmental Stage-Specific Programs That Restrict Transformation and Depend on MLL3 

Fathima Mohamed 

University of Minnesota 

Abstract Title: Mitochondrial Pyruvate Carrier Inhibition Mitigates Murine Chronic Graft Versus Host Disease by Attenuating the Germinal Center Reaction   

Justin Thomas 

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center 

Abstract Title: CD90 Targeted Cocal-Pseudotyped Lentivirus as a Robust Platform for Human HSC Gene Therapy  

Eudorah Vital 

Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University 

Abstract Title: Non-Invasive Screening for Sickle Cell Disease Using Only a Smartphone Application  


2023 ASH Abstract Achievement Awards

The Abstract Achievement Awards are available to trainees who are the first and presenting author of an abstract selected for the ASH annual meeting. Be sure to congratulate this year’s awardees and look for their abstracts! 


Dor Abelman 

Yazan Abu-Shihab 

Adebimpe Adelaja 

Ijele Adimora 

Margo Aertgeerts 

Mike Agius 

Louise Ahlgren 

Gulrayz Ahmed 

Roberto Aiolfi 

Abigail Ajanel Gomez 

Yu Akahoshi 

Theresia Akhlaghi 

Emmanuella Alawode 

Jean-Baptiste Alberge 

Mohammad Alhomoud 

Konstantinos Aliazis 

Stefan Alig 

Cecily Allen 

Diana Al-Sarayfi 

Othman Al-Sawaf 

Sultan Alsuhaibani 

Zhuo-Yu An 

Michael Andersen 

Mathew Angelos 

Kaitlin Annunzio 

Tomohiro Aoki 

Michelle Aranha 

Mutlu Arat 

Mya Arellano 

Christopher Arends 

Ruby Arora 

Sankalp Arora 

Esteban Arrieta-Bolanos 

Khetwasan Arunphong 

Arghavan Ashouri 

Frida Bugge Askeland 

Ferdows Atiq 

Himachandana Atluri 

Franziska Auer 

Matias Autio 

Edward Ayoub 

Irfan Azaman 




Stefanie Bachl 

Maximilian Bader 

Marc-Andrea Baertsch 

Jie Bai 

Zhiliang Bai 

Firas Baidoun 

Shovik Bandyopadhyay 

Subham Bandyopadhyay 

Lauren Banner 

Mei Bao 

Juan Barajas 

Sergio Barajas 

Manpreet Bariana 

Aditya Barve 

Fahmin Basher 

Naseer Basma 

Salman Basrai 

Alex Bataller 

Benjamin Bateman 

Habin Bea 

Francisco Beas 

Isabelle Becker 

J. Beeler 

Manali Begur 

Salima Benbarche 

Philipp Berning 

Kalay Bertulfo 

Jan Philipp Bewersdorf 

Alicia Beyou 

Anand Bhagwat 

Dipabarna Bhattacharya 

Honghao Bi 

Viktoria Blumenberg 

Prajwal Boddu 

Marta Bortolotti 

Jonas Bouhlal 

Ruayda Bouls 

Molly Brakhane 

Kelsey Bria 

Charlotte Brierley 

Robert Briski 

Pamela Brito 

Maura Bueno 

Marco Buttigieg 




Madeline Caduc 

Xuan Cai 

Steven Callori 

Virginia Camacho 

Wenjing Cao 

Bria Carrithers 

Claire Cassianni 

Gustav Cederquist 

Elise Cellerin 

Francesca Cendali 

Itziar Cenzano 

John Chadwick 

Samarpana Chakraborty 

Christopher Chambliss 

Yu-Hsuan Chang 

Sana Chaudhry 

Monique Chavez 

Changhan Chen 

Ding-Wen Chen 

He Tian (Tony) Chen 

Huiqiao Chen 

Xinjie Chen 

Yuxiu Chen 

Zhixiang Chen 

Luana Chiquetto Paracatu 

Nicholas Chornenki 

Yakinthi Chrisochoidou 

Ilias Christodoulou 

Simon Chu 

Yajing Chu 

Po Yee Chung 

Danielle Cicka 

Nicoletta Cieri 

Luca Nunzio Cifarelli 

Anthony Cirrincione 

Samuel Cockey 

Ivan Cohen 

Daniel Cole 

Cailin Collins 

Sean Corcoran 

David Cordas dos Santos 

Francesco Corrado 

Willem Cox 

David Cruz Hernandez 

Nataly Cruz-Rodriguez 




Yuqing Dan 

Minghao Dang 

Kimberly Davidow 

Romy De Laat-Kremers 

Ravindu De Silva 

Cristiane de Souza 

Jonathan De Wilde 

Kole Degolier 

Joanna Deng 

Lucca Derks 

Aditi Dey 

Vikram Dhillon 

Arjun Dhir 

Vinita Dhir 

Anna Di Staulo 

Aintzane Diaz-Mazkiaran 

Deepika Dilip 

Danai Dima 

Peter Dimitrion 

Bingjie Ding 

Weronika Dobrewa 

Dearbhla Doherty 

Ruochen Dong 

Marina Dorigatti Borges 

Claire Drysdale 

Hanna Duan 

Julia Dudkiewicz 

David Dukenik 

Luke Dunaway 

Arda Durmaz 




Ugochi Ebinama 

Jan-Niklas Eckardt 

Jeffrey Edwards 

Thorir Einarsson Long 

Florian Eisele 

Dina Elantably 

Yasmin Elgammal 

Alexandra Elias 

Harold Elias 

Evelyn Pamela Espinoza Morales 




Ayo Falade 

Md Faruque 

Ayotola Fatola 

Carissa Feliciano 

Jingjing Feng 

Qi Feng 

Justin Ferdinandus 

Marta Fernandes 

Mike Fernandez 

Martina Ferrante 

Ross Firestone 

Luise Fischer 

Thais Fischer 

Jorge Florindez 

Anna Katharina Foerster 

Colin Fortner 

Raghda Fouda 

Dominic Fowler-Shorten 

Valentina Fragliasso 

Anna Frandsen 

Mirco Friedrich 

Yoshiki Furukawa 




Nico Gagelmann 

Saravanan Ganesan 

Juan-Jose Garces 

Elvira Garcia De Paco 

Shiliang Ge 

Leah Gehrs 

Inga Geirsdottir 

Georgina Gener-Ricos 

Clarissa Gervasoni 

Guido Ghilardi 

Lourdes Gil-Flores 

Ashley Gin 

Luke Gingell 

Laura Girardi 

Monica Sai Pasala 

Pia Glogowski 

Richard Godby 

Jordan Goldstein 

Willian Gomes 

Xubo Gong 

Zimu Gong 

Fanny Gonzales 

Carmen Gonzalez 

Britten Gordon 

Erica Gotardo 

Anmol Goyal 

David Granadier 

Rosalie Griffin 

Matthew Gromowsky 

Amaliris Guerra 

Camila Guerrero 

Gege Gui 

Rajesh Gunage 

Qiuyu Guo 

Fabio Guolo 

Anna Gurevich Shapiro 

Carmelo Gurnari 

Puneeth Guruprasad 

Gianna Guzzardo 




Christopher Haddad 

Ashley Hadjis 

C. Ryan Hahn 

Zeeshan Haider 

Amelia Haj 

Aino-Elina Hakkinen 

Adriane Halik 

Katherine Hampton 

Fengjiao Han 

Tianxiao Han 

Xu Han 

Xu Han 

Shivani Handa 

Shinpei Harada 

Dunia Hatabah 

Taha Bartu Hayal 

Jiasen He 

Xin He 

Pranay Hegde 

Charlotte Hellmich 

Alberto Hernandez Sanchez 

Rosario Hernandez-Armengol 

Fieke Hoff 

Quincy Hofsink 

Natalie Holl 

Md Akram Hossain 

Andrew Hu 

Jennifer Huang 

Meixian Huang 

Qiusha Huang 

Yaojin Huang 

Yun Huang 

Zhenli Huang 

Justine Hung 

Cameron Hunter 

Henri Hupe 

Stephanie Hurwitz 

Kanutte Huse 

Jani Huuhtanen 




Betul Ibis 

Daisuke Ikeda 

Shuntaro Ikegawa 

Chiharu Ishikawa 

Yusuke Isshiki 

Satoko Ito 

Yuta Ito 

Zalaya Ivy 

Prajish Iyer 

Adila Izgutdina 




Kendra Jackson 

Johann-Christoph Jann 

Matthew Jenkins 

Yuanyuan Ji 

Chen Jia 

Bingqian Jiang 

Dongxu Jiang 

Jun Yang Jiang 

Nan Jiang 

Yue Jin 

Grace Johnson 

Kanak Joshi 

Rachel Josselsohn 

Anne Juhl 

Christina Jurotich 




Bailee Kain 

Ilja Kalashnikov 

Syeda Ashna Fatima Kamal 

Takahiro Kamiya 

Adam Kanack 

Daiki Karigane 

Corynn Kasap 

Shobhita Katiyar 

Deeksha Katoch 

Prabhjot Kaur 

Naomi Kawashima 

Nozomu Kawashima 

Lukas Kazianka 

Sarada Ketharnathan 

Franz Ketzer 

Tariq Kewan 

Aroog Khaliq 

Dhruv Khanduja 

Somya Khare 

Eman Khatib-Massalha 

Wannakorn Khopanlert 

Hyunjun Kim 

Joseph Kim 

Min Young Kim 

Rockbum Kim 

Shunsuke Kimura 

Katherine Klein 

Haley Klimaszewski 

Elizabeth Knauss 

Trine Knudsen 

Hiroki Kobayashi 

Joost Koedijk 

Min Jung Koh 

Abhishek Vallabhbhai Koladiya 

Hana Komic 

Misato Komori 

Taisuke Kondo 

Tim Kong 

Yvonne Kong 

Anne Marijn Kramer 

Michael Kramer 

Brian Krum 

Evelien Krumb 

Damian Krzyzanowski 

Tadeusz Kubicki 

Madhan Srinivasan Kumar 

Rathan Kumar 

Kohei Kume 

Mariia Kumskova 

Wataru Kuroki 

Edward Kwarteng 

Hui Si Kwok 

Emil Kyvsgaard 



Xiaolin Lai 

Kentson Lam 

Ivan Landego 

Lauren Laufer 

Bac Viet Le 

Catherine Lecat 

Seonghan Lee 

William Lee 

Yoonkyu Lee 

Julien Legrand 

Allison Lehanka 

Andri Leo Lemarquis 

Thomas Lew 

Lisa Leypoldt 

Chen Li 

Lixia Li 

Menglin Li 

Na Li 

Qin Li 

Qing Li 

Xueqi Li 

Yang Li 

Yang Li 

Yiwen Li 

Zhengping Li 

Zhenlong Li 

Ziming Li 

Emily Liang 

Nora Liebers 

Katie Lien 

Raphael Lievin 

Elizabeth Lightbody 

Kenneth Lim 

Guanglan Lin 

William Lin 

Zesen Lin 

Bingyu Liu 

Boya Liu 

Jie Liu 

Yingyue Liu 

Yu Liu 

Yuchen Liu 

Alison Livada 

Amaya Llorente-Chavez 

Marissa Locastro 

Alexa Loncharich 

Zhangbiao Long 

Izabela Lopes 

Diego Lopez 

Yadith Karina Lopez-Garcia 

Joseph Lownik 

John Lozada 

Bin Lu 

Tiange Lu 

Ting Lu 

Danny Luan 

Alexandra Lubin 

Johannes Lubke 

Ahmed Ludvigsen Al-Mashhadi 

Sofia Luna 

Hanzhi Luo 

Qingyu Luo 

Efrat Luttwak 

Xiurui Lv 

Maria Lysandrou 




Mona M.Hosseini 

Rui Ma 

Shengling Ma 

Eduardo Magalhaes 

Tylan Magnusson 

Himil Mahadevia 

Kiran Majeti 

Bilal Malik 

Erica Mamauag 

Paola Manara 

Srija Manchkanti 

Aashray Mandala 

Sacha Belinda Mapombo Choupa 

Alfredo Marchetti 

Josue Marquez 

Alexander Marr 

Tanner Martinez 

Esperanza Martin-Sanchez 

Shinichiro Matsui 

Meghana Matur 

Katie Maurer 

Michael McConville 

Dustin McCurry 

Danielle McQuinn 

Rabea Mecklenbrauck 

Jose Mejias 

Megan Melody 

Max Mendez-Lopez 

Ana Menezes 

Gao Mengge 

Leo Meriranta 

Lauren Meyer 

Xiaoli Mi 

Mariia Mikhaleva 

Michelle Millions 

Jelena Milosevic 

Charles Milrod 

Rahul Mishra 

Jayna Mistry 

Safa Mohamad 

Anna Montanaro 

Adnan Mookhtiar 

Analy Mora 

Luz Moreno Rueda 

Kristina Mott 

Junli Mou 

Jan Mueller 

Umair Munawar 

Lauren Murphy 

Jurik Mutter 

Greggory Myers 




Keiichi Nakata 

Henna Nam 

Ahmad Nanaa 

Amna Naqvi 

Anna Navarro Figueredo 

Kit Neikirk 

Niraj Neupane 

Lok Lam Ngai 

Chi Nguyen 

Daniel Nguyen 

Nam Nguyen 

Madeline Niederkorn 

Sandra Novoa Jauregui 

Andres Noyola-Perez 




Timothy O'Connor 

Yaa Ofori-Marfoh 

Olisaemeka Ogbue 

Denis Ohlstrom 

Sylvia Okonofua 

Rurika Okuda 

Fathia Oladipupo 

Aina Oliver-Caldes 

Jon Thorir Oskarsson 

Anna Ossami Saidy 




Julia Paczkowska 

Andrew Palmer 

Darren Pan 

Lili Pan 

Nilesh Pandey 

Marios Papadimitriou 

Julien Papoin 

Dorien Pastoors 

Ruchi Patel 

Akshay Patwardhan 

Jean Pegliasco 

Diego Pereira-Martins 

Cristina Perez 

Kristen Peterson 

Alexander Pichler 

Alexandra Pike 

Alfredo Pinedo-Rodriguez 

Michael Poeschla 

Laura Polcik 

Kanagaraju Ponnusamy 

Marianna Ponzo 

Mansour Poorebrahim 

Vera Poort 

Bogdan Popescu 

Patrizia Porazzi 

Lakshmi Bhavani Potluri 

Narges Pourmandi 




Yuekun Qi 

Laura Quillen 




Laura Raggi 

Kathrine Rallis 

Giulia Petra Rappa 

Christian Rausch 

Molly Reed 

Kai Rejeski 

Hongwei Ren 

Kehan Ren 

Fausto Alfredo Rios Olais 

Malte Ritter 

Sofia Rivarola 

Santiago Riviello-Goya 

Pauline Robbe 

Karl Roberts 

Alyssa Rodriguez 

Juan Jose Rodriguez Sevilla 

Sergio Rodriguez-Rodriguez 

Alberto Rodriguez-Sanchez 

Sæmundur Rognvaldsson 

Gregory Roloff 

Laurel Romano 

James Ropa 

Sterling Rosqvist 

Paula Rothamel 

Pier Rovatti 

Fernanda Roversi 

Anna Ruckdeschel 

Leo Ruhnke 

Zuzanna Rydzynska 




Ludovic Saba 

Kelsey Sack 

Yasutaka Sadaga 

Aditi Saha 

Omran Saifi 

Noah Salama 

Suruchi Salgar 

Christopher Sande 

Junya Sango 

Hanaisa Sant'Anna 

Martina Sarchi 

Nurefsan Sariipek 

Samuel Sassine 

Ahmed Sayed 

Ayman Sayyed 

Nastassja Scheidegger 

Sven Schimanski 

Tessa Schmachtel 

Ann-Kristin Schmalter 

Caitlin Schneider 

Constanze Schneider 

Marissa Schraner 

Jan Schroder 

Joseph Schroers-Martin 

Christian Schultze-Florey 

Laurianne Scourzic 

Inbal Sdayoor 

Yuichiro Semba 

Jayastu Senapati 

Hajime Senjo 

Mohan Kumar SenthilKumar 

Julieta Sepulveda-Yanez 

Renata Sesti-Costa 

Maiko Sezaki 

Devanshee Shah 

Krish Shah 

Rushil Shah 

Xinhe Shan 

Hanqing Shang 

Vignesh Shanmugam 

Priyanka Sharma 

Koustubh Shekar 

Jaclyn Shelton 

Young Jun Shim 

Shai Shimony 

Melissa Shyian 

Jasmeet Sidhu 

Silvia Sighinolfi 

Martha Sim 

Florian Simon 

Haley Simpson 

Aakanksha Singh 

Apeksha Singh 

Maria Sirenko 

Abigail Skidmore 

Sarah Skuli 

Febe Smits 

Yang Song 

Nikolaos Spyrou 

Andrew Srisuwananukorn 

Ankita Srivastava 

Livia Stanger 

Fabio Steffen 

Torsten Steinbrunn 

Andrew Stiff 

Sophia Stock 

Naveen Subramanian 

Takeshi Sugio 

Adam Suleman 

Fumou Sun 

Jing Sun 

Ruifeng Sun 

Ryan Sun 

Wenyue Sun 

Xueyan Sun 

Teodora Supeanu 

Keito Suto 




Andrew Ta 

Jesse Tai 

Amanda Tajik 

Yuki Takeuchi 

Joanne Tan 

Megane Tanguay 

Matthew Tanner 

Ishan Tatake 

Dylan Tatterton 

Samuel Taylor 

Ana Cristina Tejada Vasquez 

Semaje Testamark 

Erik Thiele Orberg 

Zanshe Thompson 

Sigrun Thorsteinsdottir 

Kirsten Thus 

Zheng Tian 

Elizabeth Titova 

Hunter Tolison 

Seda Tolu 

Monika Toma 

Zehra Tombul 

Ahmet Toprak 

Dicte Træden 

Marissa Traets 

Jennifer Tran 

Iva Trsova 

Billy Truong 




Serhan Unlu 

Daniela Urueta Portillo 

Marc Usart 




Camille Vaganay 

Arti Vaishnav 

Sergio Vallejo 

Yannis Valtis 

Niek Van Der Maas 

Jort Van Der Schans 

Myrthe van Dijk 

Karolina Vanickova 

Hector Alejandro Vaquera Alfaro 

Giulia Veltri 

Rathnam Venkat 

Eric Vick 

Junia Vieira dos Santos 

Laura Volta 




Sydney Wade 

Joseph Walden 

Christina Waldron 

Sarah Waldvogel 

Janek Walker 

Bo Wan 

Visanu Wanchai 

Amy Wang 

Dandan Wang 

Daniel Wang 

Helen Wang 

Jacqueline Wang 

Junyu Wang 

Moran Wang 

Pan Wang 

Shichong Wang 

Song Wang 

Ximi Wang 

Xin Wang 

Yu-Hung Wang 

Yun Wang 

Zhifa Wang 

Mustafa Wasifuddin 

Isabel Weinhaeuser 

Alisha Weiss-Haug 

Tobias Wertheimer 

William Wesson 

Jonas Wißkirchen 

Maggie Wong 

Ping Chun Wu 

Xia Wu 

Ye-Jun Wu 

Michael Wysota 




Serene Xavier 

Sera Xie 

Tingting Xie 

Jane Xu 

Ruohao Xu 

Yaqun Xu 




Chitresh Yadav 

Kyoko Yamaguchi 

Li-Ping Yang 

Sen Yang 

Tingting Yang 

Chun En Yau 

Rashmi Yawalkar 

Yongjun Yi 

Charles Yin 

Takao Yogo 

Justin Yoo 

Masanori Yoshida 

Satoshi Yoshimura 

Chenqi Yu 

Zhuoya Yu 

Junyun Yuan 

Yin Yuan 




Saurabh Zanwar 

Clare Zarka 

Martha Zarou 

Chi Zhang 

Ellen Zhang 

Jingliao Zhang 

Lei Zhang 

Menglu Zhang 

Michelle Zhang 

Ningning Zhang 

Xiao-shuai Zhang 

Yaping Zhang 

Yi Zhang 

Peng Zhao 

Hao Zheng 

Xinhui Zheng 

Chen Zhou 

Jianying Zhou 

Xiang Zhou 

Xinyue Zhou 

Yichao Zhou 

Yifan Zhou 

Hongming Zhu 

Xinyu Zhu 

Katherine Zhuo 

Bachisio Ziccheddu 

Fu Ziyu 

Becky Zon 

Adi Zoref-Lorenz 

Luciana Zuccherato 

Ines Zugasti 

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