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Your Social Media Guide to #ASH21

November 10, 2021

Learn about ASH's social media activities at the annual meeting and learn how to stay plugged in on Twitter and elsewhere!

For many people, reconnecting with colleagues is one of the most anticipated highlights of the ASH annual meeting. Exchanging ideas in-person is certainly rewarding, but there are also plenty of robust online conversations happening on social media during the 63rd ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition! Whether you choose to attend in-person or virtually, social media can help you feel like part of the community and boost networking opportunities with those who share your specialty, during the meeting and year-round.

ASH has several opportunities for you to join the conversation on social media, whether you decide to post about the science presented or your favorite hematology-themed accessories during a photo challenge. And keep in mind social media is just one way to rekindle the excitement and anticipation of engaging with your fellow attendees. This year, ASH’s virtual meeting platform features innovative opportunities to bring in-person and virtual attendees together .

So, for the established and burgeoning social media maven alike, here are some tips and tricks to get you started for #ASH21!

The Basics

Follow up-to-the-minute ASH annual meeting content via the Society’s official social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. ASH will post important updates and reminders, share attendee photos and posts, and link to content you won’t want to miss, like ASH News Daily articles.

If the world of Twitter is new to you, look for our “How I Tweet” playlist on the ASH YouTube channel and learn how to make the most of the experience. In this series, former chair of the ASH Committee on Communications, Aaron Gerds, MD, MS, discusses some key basics, including:


Using Hashtags

Hashtags indicate a post’s specific topic, and using them can expose your posts to a wider audience. Even those who don’t follow you can still find your post by searching the hashtag you used.

The official annual meeting hashtag is #ASH21. Adding at least this hashtag to your posts will help to ensure your message doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

A wide variety of disease- and topic-specific hashtags (defined in the image) are also available for you to use and browse to join the conversations you want to see.

Featured Hashtags for #ASH21

We are featuring four meeting-specific hashtags this year. If you create posts using these hashtags, you may catch your tweet or post on the ASH Community Collage social media wall in Atlanta or on the virtual meeting platform. Make sure to follow these hashtags before #ASH21 begins to catch some fun pre-meeting prompts to connect you to fellow attendees!


This is the official hashtag representing the 63rd ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition! Join the conversation here to explore the science at the meeting and fun opportunities to interact and network with your friends and colleagues.


Participating in the 2021 ASH Foundation Run/Walk? Post photos of you and your team whether you are joining the in-person event or participating virtually!


An ASH News Daily Twitter tradition returns! Post a haiku about the meeting and tag it with this hashtag. Originating in Japan, haikus are poems consisting of three lines of five, seven, and five syllables. Some of the most clever #ASHaiku tweets are featured in ASH News Daily throughout the meeting.


The ASH annual meeting gives us an opportunity to recognize those who make hematology great. Use this hashtag to give public kudos to your colleagues, a great presenter, or your mentor or mentee. Consider also recognizing someone who received an ASH honorific award. While recipients can now be recognized on the big stage with colleagues and friends, everyone can still join in to congratulate these deserving awardees!

Top ASH Hashtag Users

Here at ASH, we like to recognize those who take their social media presence to the next level and give you some great new accounts to follow! For this year’s annual meeting, we have put together a list of the most prolific Tweeters from last year’s meeting that you can consider following to enhance your annual meeting experience. This list is made up of the most active users of #ASH20 (last year’s meeting’s hashtag) who included their Twitter handle when they registered prior to the advance registration deadline for this year’s meeting. You can spot them at the in-person meeting via their blue “Top ASH Hashtag User” ribbon, which is new this year! The views expressed by the Twitter users on our list do not necessarily represent the views of ASH.

Make sure you follow #ASH21 to see this year’s most active Twitter users and use the hashtag yourself to get on next year’s list! Click here to follow the Twitter list, published from the ASH Twitter handle, of these individuals plus the ASH News Daily editorial board.


Twitter Handle

Aaron Logan, MD, PhD, MPhil


Ajay Major, MD, MBA


Akshay Sharma, MD


Amar Kelkar, MD @amarkelkar
Andrea Anampa-Guzmán @AndreaAnampaG
Angela Weyand, MD @acweyand
Chadi Nabhan, MD, MBA, FACP @chadinabhan

Cindy Chmielewski


Daniel Auclair, PhD


David Russler-Germain, MD, PhD, BS


Jacob Plieth


Mark Geyer, MD


Matthew Maurer, DSc, MS


Mazie Tsang, MD, MS


Miguel Perales, MD


Mike Thompson, MD, PhD, FASCO @mtmdphd

Naveen Pemmaraju, MD


Navneet Majhail, MD, MS @BldCancerDoc
Nicole Kucine, MD, MS @PedsHemeDoc
Ola Landgren, MD @DrOlaLandgren
Rahul Banerjee, MD @RahulBanerjeeMD
Razan Mohty, MD @Razan_Mohty
Saad Usmani, MD, MBA, FACP @szusmani
Vincent Rajkumar, MD @VincentRK

ASH News Daily Editorial Board

Aaron Goodman, MD @AaronGoodman33
Ah-Reum Jeong, MD @AutumnJeong
Amanda Blackmon, MS, DO @mlblack1_b
Elizabeth A. Brem, MD @DrLizBrem

Naseema Gangat, MBBS


Natasha Szuber, MD, MSc @NatashaSzuber
Patrick S. Ellsworth, MD @PEllsworthMD

Tania Jain, MBBS


Now, It’s Time for You to Join the Conversation!

During last year’s annual meeting, more than 39,000 tweets were posted using the official meeting hashtag. With so much to talk (or tweet) about, you will find many conversations in your area of expertise.

By sharpening your hashtag skills and practicing some of the “How I Tweet” basics, you’ll be primed and ready to add your voice to the mix. We can’t wait to share some of your favorite posts, whether it is sharing real-time commentary on the session you are attending or extending your presentation on Twitter through a tweetorial!

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