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Publishing During a Pandemic

November 15, 2020
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We at Blood Advances, like so many others, have been greatly impacted during these challenging times. Due to the explosion of new information, much of it related to the hematologic impact of COVID-19, we have seen many submissions on a range of topics related to the pandemic. Some of these manuscripts have underscored the important aspects of diagnosis and management of patients with COVID-19, yet some have represented a rush to publication of rather limited data. We have tried to separate out the best of these manuscripts due to our responsibility of disseminating important information while maintaining the standards of excellence and peer review that are so critical to our mission.

We continue to see record-breaking numbers of submissions to our journal, which has been enormously gratifying. Early in the journal’s history, I suffered from a recurrent dream that our journal was open for submissions, but none came. Fortunately, that challenge remained buried in my psyche. We continue to see a rise in papers that choose to opt in to Blood Advances when submitted to our sister journal Blood, as well as a rich flow of original manuscripts submitted directly to our journal.

In 2020, Blood Advances received its first impact factor of 4.9 (after correction), which we think is an excellent start. We are confident that this number will continue to rise due to the growing online usage of our journal, as well as ever-increasing citations.

As I complete my term as Editor-in-Chief of Blood Advances, I am confident that the journal will continue to thrive under the direction of the next EIC, Dr. Catherine Bollard, who will officially begin her term in September of 2021. I have been blessed with a fantastic group of Associate Editors who are dedicated to the success of the journal, as well as an ASH staff that is second to none. Nothing can slow the progress of Blood Advances, not even a pandemic.

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