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Blood Advances Update

December 11, 2021

Drs. Robert Negrin and Catherine Bollard Take a Positive View of the Journal’s Future 

As its fifth year of publication draws to a close, Blood Advances has much to celebrate. Its previous Editor-in-Chief Dr. Robert Negrin has overseen the journal from its landmark debut through several successive years of growth, now with an Impact Factor of 6.799. In 2022, newly minted Editor-in-Chief Dr. Catherine Bollard looks forward to continuing the journal’s trajectory. The two editors shared with ASH News Daily their vision for Blood Advances’ future and their reflections on its early successes. 

“I believe Blood Advances has established itself as an important new voice,” began Dr. Negrin. “I have been particularly gratified that for many months, the number of original articles that we receive exceeds the number that are cascaded from Blood, highlighting that our journal is seen as an independent publication worthy of many of our author’s best studies.” 

Throughout his tenure, Dr. Negrin has witnessed numerous growth areas for hematology and names immunotherapy as perhaps the most explosive. “This overlaps with basic immunology, immunotherapy of cancer, and other diseases,” he said, remarking that within Blood Advances, the area of cellular immunotherapy has been especially prominent. “We recruited a new Associate Editor, Dr. Saar Gill, who has done an excellent job expanding our efforts in attracting and promoting papers in this domain.” Dr. Negrin also noted that with the recruitment of Dr. Bollard, an expert in immunotherapy, the editorial board is primed to attract, evaluate, and promote the journal as a leader in publishing important content in this area. 

Another of the most visible and well-received key areas for the journal has been the publication of ASH Clinical Practice Guidelines, and there are many other major strengths on the horizon for Blood Advances. “We are excited to have recruited Dr Rayne Rouce from Texas Children’s Hospital/Baylor College of Medicine as our Commissioning and Digital Editor,” Dr. Bollard said, noting that part of Dr. Rouce’s role will be to develop and solicit invited content such Point/Counterpoint articles, Blood Advances Talks (BATs), and Drug Advances. “With our additional solicited content as well as a marked increase in original article submissions, we [will be] expanding our Associate Editor team,” said Dr. Bollard. She also highlighted the presence of incoming Deputy Editor, Dr. Andrew Weyrich. “With this increased support,” she said, “the Blood Advances editorial team looks forward to capitalizing on our close relationship with Blood to attract high-quality papers and to meet the needs of our combined readership.” 

Dr. Bollard also looks forward to continually building an internationally diverse team, building on established roots in the United States, Europe, and Australasia. “It is critically important that the content is relevant to, and meets the needs of, a broad audience within the entire hematology community and beyond,” she said. “This can really only be effectively achieved by establishing a team that is as diverse and representative of our readership as a whole.” 

Both editors expressed confidence in the firm foundation of the journal. “I have been extremely gratified by the positive response we have received from our community of hematologists,” said Dr. Negrin. And Dr. Bollard now looks to build on this enthusiasm and momentum, in the realm of important advances such as gene therapy and immunology/immunotherapy, but also in the expanding global markets in developing parts of the world. “To support our ongoing development…we need input from our readership regarding what is important to them,” said Dr. Bollard, mentioning a forthcoming readership survey as well as planned assessment of other metrics that can offer a snapshot of the journal’s overall health. “We will evaluate the success of our content,” she said, “in terms of numbers of downloads and citations to optimally position Blood Advances as an established leader in the field, while continuing to increase our impact (Factor)!” 

Please join ASH in thanking Dr. Negrin for his five years of excellent leadership, and in welcoming Dr. Bollard in her new role as the Blood Advances Editor-in-Chief. 

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