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Mid-January 2023

Highlights from the 2022 ASH Annual Meeting

Hematologists from around the world gathered in person and virtually for the latest scientific insights and valuable networking opportunities.



Editor’s Corner

Maintaining a Stable AP Workforce

From the Desk Of... Videos

From the Desk Of... Mid-January 2023


Latest and Greatest

AMA Policies Oppose Criminalization of Pregnancy Loss
Cancer Drug Costs Unrelated to Efficacy
U.S. Cancer Rates Continue to Decline
FDA Guidance on Expanded Investigational Drug Access
NCI CTAC Issues Guidelines to Streamline Trials

On Location

Co-mutation Patterns Allowed for Updated Risk Stratification of NPM1-Mutated AML
Reduced Venetoclax Exposure With Azacitidine Appears Feasible in Treatment-Naïve AML
Dalteparin to Apixaban for Upper Extremity DVT in Patients With Cancer
Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities Persist in U.S.-Based PE Care and Outcomes
Polatuzumab Vedotin Improves Response Rates in R/R DLBCL When Added to Standard Therapy
Incorporation of Ibrutinib in First-Line Treatment of MCL May Eliminate Need for AHCT
Frontline Chemo-Free Triplet Yields High Rates of MRD-Negative Complete Remission in MCL
CAR T With Shorter Manufacturing Time Shows High Rate of Deep Response in R/R MM
Oral Mezigdomide Elicits Response in R/R MM
GPRC5D-Targeting Bispecific Antibody Talquetamab Promising in R/R MM
TA More Effective, Affordable Than rVWF for VWD-Related Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
Study Reveals Approach to Testing Adolescent Girls for VWD
Ruxolitinib Plus Dexamethasone Improves Outcomes in HLH
Better Recognition Needed for Early Diagnosis of hTTP
Protective Diet Does Not Benefit Patients Receiving HCT Compared to Non-Restricted Diet
Hemostatic Biomarkers Predictive of COVID-19 Outcomes in Patients With Cancer
Emicizumab Can Be Used Without FVIII Inhibitors in Infants With Severe Hemophilia
Intensive Chemotherapy Before alloHCT Does Not Improve Survival in AML
Innate Cell Engager AFM13 Combined With Preactivated and Expanded Cord Blood-Derived NK Cells Targets CD30+ Lymphoma
Nivolumab and AVD Remains Effective in Early-Stage Unfavorable HL
Fixed-Duration Combination Therapy for Smoldering MM Elicits High Response Rate, MRD-Negativity
Sutimlimab Produces Favorable Results in Patients With Cold Agglutinin Disease
Degrader Molecule Helps Eliminate BTK in Patients With BTK Mutations
Elranatamab Induces Clinical and Molecular Responses in R/R MM
Ide-Cel Yields Strong Responses When Used Earlier

Blood Advances in a Different Vein

Dasatinib/Prednisone Induction Followed by Blinatumomab/Dasatinib May Be an Alternative to Transplant in Ph+ ALL

Literature Scan

Small Percentage of aPL-Positive Patients Without Autoimmune Diseases Received Immunosuppression
Addition of Daratumumab to Standard Therapy Does Not Increase Cardiac Events in AL Amyloidosis

Data Stream

Mid-January 2023 Data Stream

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