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February 2024

When the Hoofbeats Are From Zebras

Diagnosing rare diseases requires physicians to think broadly, collaborate with specialists, and be persistent.



Editor’s Corner

Metrics by Which We Measure Quality: From Questions to Psychological Safety

Notes from the Hill

Navigating the Intersection of Medicine and Policy: A Purpose-Driven Journey of Impact

A Day in the Life

Leading Breakthroughs in Blood Cancer Care: E. Anders “Andy” Kolb, MD

From the Desk Of... Videos

From the Desk Of... February 2024 


You Make the Call

You Make the Call: Would you proceed with a 7/8 matched unrelated donor alloHCT in a patient with severe acquired aplastic anemia?

You Make the Call Readers' Response

Would you proceed with a 7/8 matched unrelated donor alloHCT in a patient with severe acquired aplastic anemia?

Algorithms in Hematology

How I Treat Erythropoietic Protoporphyria and X-Linked Protoporphyria


Feature Articles

When the Hoofbeats Are From Zebras

Blood Beyond Borders

Trials and Tribulations: Running Clinical Trials in LMICs Can Be a Challenge

Drawing First Blood

Should Iron Deficiency Be Treated With Oral or IV Iron?


Written in Blood

Inotuzumab as a Bridging Therapy to Eradicate MRD Improves OS in Patients With ALL
Time-Limited Ibrutinib, CD19-Directed CAR-T Combo Shows Efficacy for Poor-Risk, R/R Mantle Cell Lymphoma
Anti-PF4 Immunothrombosis Absent Proximate Heparin or Adenovirus Vector Vaccine Exposure
Survival in Primary Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis Can Be as High as 100%

Blood Advances in a Different Vein

Study Examines Quality and Potential Use of Real-World Data in DLBCL
Study Identifies Drugs With Greatest Association With Drug-Induced Hemolytic Anemia

Literature Scan

Etranacogene Dezaparvovec Bests Extended Half-Life Factor IX Products in Hemophilia B Prophylaxis
Study Proposes Recommendations for Infections During Teclistamab Treatment of R/R MM
IKZF1 Alterations an Independent Marker of AML Risk

Latest and Greatest

FDA Approves R/R MDS Treatment
Bayer Withdraws New Drug Application for FL Treatment
cTTP ERT Receives FDA Approval
FDA Approves Two Cell-Based SCD Gene Therapies

ASH Directions

The ASH Guide to Advocacy: How to Make an Impact in Hematology

Data Stream

February 2024 Data Stream

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