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A New ASH Publication Dawns

December 30, 2021
Mikkael Sekeres, MD, MS
Director of the Leukemia Program at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio

Welcome to the first edition of ASH Clinical News magazine!

This new, monthly publication from the American Society of Hematology arose in response to the requests of ASH members and non-members alike for a news magazine dedicated to hematologists/oncologists, nurses and physician assistants, residents, fellows and other trainees, and members of any specialty touched by hematology. And let's face it: That means everyone. Without blood, a beating heart would lead a fairly existential existence. Trauma wouldn't be nearly as dramatic. And general surgery residents would never have the opportunity to use a Bovie cautery — other than in amateur tattoo parlors, of course.

Each month, we'll bring you news about transitions, promotions, major awards, and appointments in The Society Pages; update you on events and conferences around the world; highlight some of the recently accepted articles from our sister publication in Written in Blood, along with hematology articles from other scientific journals in Literature Scan; and provide updates from recent conferences and ongoing clinical trials.

And who doesn't love a fight? In each issue, we'll ask two experts to debate a controversial medical topic in Drawing First Blood, to shed light on why some medical decisions are not clear-cut.

We'll also try to figure out what makes some hematologists tick in our column, Pulling Back the Curtain, the title of which is meant to evoke the reveal at the end of The Wizard of Oz, and not the famous shower scene from the movie Psycho — though we will not deny that the appearance of blood in that scene was a motivator.

One of our goals with the ACN magazine is to clarify what ASH is all about and, in doing so, engage our readers in conversations about hematology. We'll have regular articles about how ASH and its various committees are working for you, along with updates on policy or legislative changes that impact all of us.

In the section You Make the Call, we'll highlight some challenging clinical questions submitted through ASH's Consult-a-Colleague program. And, in coming issues, we will post these questions online at and invite our readers to submit their own answers; then, in the next print issue, see how your answer matches up to the Consult-a-Colleague member's!

We'll also have sections on Best Practices and Cliff's Notes versions of treatment guidelines — not that I am in any way confirming or denying my use of Cliff's Notes to get me through literature classes in high school … or college.

One of the reasons we all chose a cognitive discipline like hematology and medical oncology is the opportunity to educate ourselves, and others, throughout our careers. ACN will include a regular column, How I Teach, in which we ask established educators how they do the voodoo that they do so well — providing compelling, innovative, and sustainable teaching — so we can all benefit from their expertise. We will also partner with patient organizations to provide a tear-out sheet of disease information that you can share with patients.

Finally, we all have interests outside of hematology and medical oncology. Some are quiet pastimes, like relaxing with a well-written novel in a window nook while snow falls gently outside; others more flamboyant, like flamenco dancing or racing sports cars. No joke, I have met hematologists who fall into all of the above categories. ACN's PASHions section is dedicated to those whose expertise extend to photography, poetry, essays, book reviews, or any pastime we can showcase in print or online. We invite you to submit your work through

Let us know what you think — we really do welcome your feedback! ACN is supposed to be designed for you. If we're not hitting the mark, please tell us in no uncertain terms at:

The content of the Editor's Corner is the opinion of the author and does not represent the official position of the American Society of Hematology unless so stated.

Have a comment about this editorial? Let us know what you think; we welcome your feedback. Email the editor at


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